How to care for you relaxed hair during the summer months

Thursday, June 16, 2011

I was on "RHC's" Facebook page yesterday, and one of our followers wrote on our wall. Her name is Tatiana Grant and she gave us a great tip. She shared a link with us, and it was about caring for your relaxed hair during the summer months. During the summer our hair can have a mind of its own. So I would suggest putting hair in ponytails, and updos.  You would actually think that humidity can benefit the hair, however it can have quite the opposite reaction. Too much humidity can cause your relaxed hair to become brittle and break off. I suggest using some anti humidity products. Try Mizani’s Anti humidity products….One of my favorites: Thermasooth Shine Extend Anti Humidity Spritz..great 
for fighting off the frizzies.

Wear protective styles mostly; styles that require little manipulation. Rollersets, braids, twistouts are great examples. Hair on our necks can be a HUGE nuisance when we are sweating. Co-Washing is an excellent way to retain moisture for relaxed hair. This will keep your hair clean, refreshed, and moisturized without over drying. Limit extreme sun exposure to your delicate chemical processed hair. Have you ever noticed that your hair tends to lighten in the summer? Well that is not anything to get excited about. It is a sure sign that your chemically processed hair is being exposed to too many of those ultraviolet rays!! Wear caps  and wraps if you are planning outings that require lots of sun exposure. There are also UV hair screen protection sprays on the market as well that you may want to check out.
So this summer take great care of your hair and make sure to look fabulous at the same time. Also i would love to give a big shout-out to Tatiana Grant for sending us that great link. I live to see readers send in suggestions and ideas so keep 'em coming!

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