La Femme Blushes Review & Swatches

Wednesday, July 02, 2014

So if you watch my makeup tutorials on you would know that my favorite blushes are by La Femme. They are extremely pigmented and of high quality. La Femme carries a wide selection of shades to fit your desires. They are also very inexpensive at only $3 each! I purchased 5 shades some months ago. They came in pan form because you have the option to purchase them pan only or in a container. Mine are pan only and they needed a place to live. So a few weeks ago, I purchased 3 more blush shades and two palettes for them. I wanted to share with you guys swatches of my La Femme blush collection. 

Online, you can purchase a palette that hold 12 blushes. I rather have a palette that can hold 4 blushes. I purchased 2 of these palettes because I only have 8 blushes. These palettes are amazing quality. They are magnetic and the blushes fit snug into the holes. I also love how they have a mirror as well. So I have separated my blushes by color - My Everyday Palette and My Bright Palette. 

My everyday palette consist of the shades Russet, Sienna, Cinnabar and Orange. These are my go-to shades can go great with all eye makeup looks. Russet and Cinnabar are amazing shades on deep skin. I get loads of compliments when I wear these. Sienna can be used for contouring for some dark skin tones but not me, the lighting is a bit off in this picture, but the shade is more red. It is a lot like Mac's Raizen blush. Orange is a bright matte orange, that is not very gaudy when on the skin. 

My bright palette has all of my fun blushes. It is made of Bordeaux, Red, Peach, and Coral. I reach for these when I have on a specific eye look. Bordeaux is an amazing deep purple for dark skin. Peach is a nice matte pink. Coral is a bright matte pink but it isn't as bright on my cheeks. 

Here is a picture of the palettes closed and what the back looks like. I like that you can easily remove the pans from the palettes by inserting something into the holes. With this, there is no need to bend and scratch up the pretty blushes.  

Price: $10 
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Price: $2.87
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