MeNow Liquid Lipsticks from Ebay/Aliexpress

Wednesday, April 15, 2015

You all know that I am simply just too cheap to jump on this Anastasia Beverly Hill Liquid Lipstick craze. But I am in love with the colors and the wear time of them. So I, as always, found a way around that. I found these MeNow Liquid Lipsticks on Aliexpress for about $1.10 a piece. Once I saw that price, I added 5 to my cart and waited patiently for them to arrive from China. Let's see what I think about them, do they compare to the higher end brands? 
I picked up the shades #08, 12, 21, 25, & 28. They have about 40 different shades to choose from. I wanted to get vibrant but wearable shades. I can tell you now that #25 is my absolute favorite! It is a very pretty deep fuchsia shade. I also like #28, it's a classic red and #8 a fun deep pink. #12 is a bright classic pink and #21 is a bit darker than #12. I'll admit that my swatches distort the actual colors a bit, sorry.
As shown above, these apply on the lips like a gloss and then dry, in about 5 minutes, to a matte finish. Let me tell you! Once these dry, they DO NOT move. Not exaggerating at all. To remove these you need an oil, I use olive oil on a baby wipe. They will not come off with just water and a makeup remover. They last hours without moving. This can be good for some and bad for others. I find it annoying, and mysterious as to what is inside them why they don't remove easily, hmmm

They have a doe-foot applicator. I can say that I don't really love how they feel as I spread them on my lips. The formula feels oily and is a bit patchy on my lips, so I like to apply two coats to get an even look. They also have an industrial-like scent, like motor oil maybe? But then, they are only about a dollar and come from a mysterious company in China...
All in all, I would like to purchase more shades of these because the colors are gorgeous. I would appreciate an ingredients list too. They would be my favorite to wear and use if the application was smoother and not so patchy. But for $1.10, these are a great dupe to some of the more expensive brands out right now. Since they are so cheap there isn't so much to lose in trying these out. I'll be doing a video swatching these soon and using them in my future makeup tutorials, so stay suned!

I bought mine from this link on Aliexpress -

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