Latin Deep Conditioners

Wednesday, June 01, 2016

My favorite hair care products are deep conditioners. I've tried a bunch of different ones but my favorites have to be those made in counties such as the Dominican Republic and Brazil. These seemed to work the best on my relaxed hair. Today I want to break some of them down for you!

This is an old favorite of mine that I've been using for years. There are 3 different types; Silicon Mix Original, Silicon Mix Bambu, and Silicon Mix Proteina de Perla. Ive tried each one and each has their own benefits, to clear that up I made a post on each of their own benefits here. This deep conditioner has the ability to revive dull damaged hair in an amazing way. My hair has never done better than when I used Silicon Mix to deep condition. I always go back to this brand when I running low on others I'm testing out.

Kanechom Leite de Cabra
I nickname this conditioner "moisture central". This leaves the hair extremely soft and smooth. It contains "Leite de Cabra" or Goat's Milk if you are wondering. It leaves a nice clean scent on the hair as well. Whenever I get questions on a deep conditioner to try to renew dry, tough hair; I recommend this one. The jars are huge and I always have one in my stash. What I really love about Leite de Cabra is that I can always visually tell when I've used it, my hair is never as smooth and shiny!

Boe Cosmetics Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment
This is my newest favorite. I saw it in my Amazon recommendations and was intrigued with the claims. It says it contains natural "phitoterapuetic" ingredients instead of synthetic materials to help grow hair. I like it so far, its a nice thick formula that leaves my hair sooooo soft. I've noticed less breakage and shedding while using this for the past months now. I'm almost done with my jar and I'll repurchase!

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  1. oh boy so many too choose from,,,,but I rock a weave right now and use the Silicon MIx and it does do wonders of smoothness, softness and the tangling doesn't even happen...well some tangling but not as extreme...very minute tangling..

  2. That was nice. Thank you for adding this materials. I hope to see more options in the future.