Benefit Watts Up! Highlighter Review + Swatches !

Thursday, April 25, 2013

Today I am reviewing the Benefit Watts Up Highlighter that I reciveved in my birthday duo gift from Sephora. I used it a few times this week, and I have a pretty good catch on what it does for me.

Benefit describes the color of this highlighter; a solid stick with a cream-to-powder finish, as a luminous, sheer champagne. When applied onto the face it almost seems like it'll be too much, but once it is blended out it results in a gorgeous, glowy sheen. On me it shows up as a frosty champagne color. 

One "streak" 
When applied on top of foundation, it blends in smoothly without looking heavy and lasts a great 8 hours on my face. The consistency is really creamy without being greasy, and stays put to where you blend it out. 
Several "streaks" blended out
The full size of this highlighter is double-sided, with the product coming from one end, and a sponge on the other. I don't really think that I would be too fond of the sponge because I would be wary of washing it without damaging the rest of the product. I like to blend it out with my fingers because it gives me a really nice airbrushed glow. 

Full size version
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Overall I would purchase the full size of this product because I really love the champagne glow it gives me. I like that it doesn't look greasy on my dark skin and stays on a good 8 hours. 
Do you like champagne colored highlighters? 

Availability: Benefit Cosmetics Website 
Price: $30
Until next time...
-Mariam .x

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