My Results with 100% Natural Argan Oil !

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Hello all! Today I went to my local beauty supply store and purchased some Argan Oil. Now while I have never tried Argan Oil, I have read a lot of great things about it's benefits. While purchasing this, I made sure that it was 100% so that I could get the purest form possible. I have found MANY ways to use this versatile oil, and I thought I would share!

For me, the ultimate use for this oil was as a treatment for my hair. Now while I have set a pretty good hair care routine, I still am open to adding thing here and there. I used this in conjunction with my Silicon Mix Bambu Deep Conditioner. I applied this to my hair after shampooing, as a deep conditioner. After I used about 5 drops of it all through out my hair, I massaged it into my hairline & scalp. I applied my Silicon Mix on top of that for an extra treatment! I went underneath the dryer for about 20 minutes with high heat for the best possible penetration. After washing out, my hair had an amazing fresh scent, that was almost as if I was in the Mediterranean! My hair also was smooth and manageable, and when it was finally styled it had a really great shine. My hair overall just looked healthy, something that is not really achievable very often. 

The next use for me is on my skin. I sometimes get dry patches on my face, and my moisturizer isn't enough to combat it for the whole day. I use a tiny drop of this on those areas and then apply my moisturizer and my face looks supple and moisturized. It also looks like it's recently been exfoliated! I also use this on my body for added moisture (since the weather is warming up). 

All in all, i think that Argan Oil is something that is amazingly versatile and effective. I have never seen such healthier hair on my head for a LONG time! I also love that this oil isn't heavy and greasy. I hope I can find some more uses out of this oil!

Until next time
-Mariam .x 

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