Silicon Mix | A Breakdown

Wednesday, March 16, 2016

As a lover of all things deep conditioners, I thought it might be helpful to give a breakdown of the famous Silicon Mix. I've tried all three types and they have their own benefits. I have YouTube and blog reviews on each but today I'm going to compare each in a nice, concise post.
This version is a mixture of the two below.  It has a very distinct scent that I'd notice anywhere, not a bad scent though. It lingers on the hair after it has been rinsed out as well. It contains silicons, keratin ceramides, and glycerin to help condition and reconstruct the hair follicles. It leaves the hair extremely silky and healthy looking with a great shine. I recommend this version to all hair types. I need to get a big jar of this one to keep in my stash!

Whenever I get asked which Silicon Mix to try first, I suggest this one. Personally, I've used this one the most and I even purchased the big size that I've had for over a year. This version contains both moisturizing and strengthening properties. This will cater to most hair types and concerns but mostly those with dry/limp hair. This formula leaves the hair feeling silky soft and say to comb through. The scent isn't bad but it lingers and irritates me a bit. 

This version contains pearl proteins for strengthening hair. It wasn't my favorite of the three honestly because my hair mainly looks for moisture. If you have damaged, weak, brittle hair this should be great for you. It will make your hair feel stronger after using it. The scent is like a really clean baby powder that does linger after being rinsed out.

You can purchase these in many sizes; 8oz, 16oz, 36oz, and 60oz. I recommend the 8oz first, for testing it out.

I hope I gave a pretty concise breakdown on each version. Stay tuned for a post on my favorite Latin deep conditioners including the Silicon Mix.

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  1. When my hair was relaxed---I loved the Original Silicon mix! I haven't tried it since I stopped relaxing but this is a fantastic comparison if you don't know which one to test out first!

    KLP @

  2. I have long enjoyed these magnificent care products. I am glad that you told them about your readers.