E.l.f Studio Line Blushes Review

Monday, January 30, 2012

Hey guys, its been a while but I'm coming back strong! I have a review for you all today and its going to be on  E.l.f's Studio Line Blushes. These blushes retail for $3 and can be found at E.l.f Website. These blushes have been in my collection for about 4 to 6 months so I've decided to do a review on them. I posted a review video of this on My YouTube Channel. Ill post the video to that below :) So keep on reading below if you want to learn more.

I have this blush in 2 colors. Blushing Rose (shown above) and Berry Merry. When I was purchasing these blushes, I really thought that the colors were difference. But when i received them they were almost identical, but the only difference was that one of them was way more shimmery than the other. 
Berry Merry
Blushing Rose

I really like these blushes, but the only thing that is a problem for me is the density of the blushes. You have to really "press" your brush into the pan, for it to come out on the blush. Usually you just dust the brush into the color and it would come out, but not with these. I apply these blushes with my E.l.f Kabuki Brush (review to come) that I got for $3. It does fine but with the blushes it takes a while to show up.

I would suggest Blushing Rose if you want a bit of color on the face, but not to much drama. Berry Merry would do if you like Blushing Rose but a little more shimmer and glitter.

I'm really going to try to purchase some more of these blushes in different colors. I want to try out their Mineral Line blushes as well. Those are a bit more expensive at $5 dollars each. Also, I want to try out their $1 blushes, to see if their useful and not cheap. 

So I hope this review helped you guys out with your opinion on these blushes. Thanks for reading guys. See you next time. 

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