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Saturday, February 11, 2012

Hello everyone, I wanted to do an updates post. So that everyone can know what's going on and what's to come in terms of the blog. So I am currently writing new post and saving then in my drafts so that when I don't have time to write one I'll just publish it. Here's some of the things to look for...
•My everyday makeup routine
•How I cleanse my face (exfoliation)
•Applying foundation
•My everyday eyeshadow look
•Favorite E.l.f makeup
•Favorite hair products

I know that I've made this blog about makeup lately, and I might be concentrations on makeup a little more that hair. But I'm really going to try to do more of hair, I'm not going to forget where I started :)
I've also been contacting companions such as BH Cosmetics, and E.L.F Cosmetics in terms of being an affiliate for their brands. That means I will be receiving products as well as reviewing them for you guys *the review will be and always will be my honest opinions.
As a member of these affiliate programs I will also be receiving coupon codes as well as discounts to share with everyone! So that way everyone benefits.
I hope that everyone is looking forward to these plans as much as I am!!

Bye for now...

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