October Favorites | 2013

Thursday, November 21, 2013

I know that my last favorites video/post was exactly one year ago, October 2012, but maybe favorites can be a yearly thing for me. Just kidding! I never gain a love for new products every month, it's just not realistic for me. If I were to put up monthly favorites, know that something is wrong with me. Well today, I am sharing with you my beauty favorites of this path month or so. The products mentioned are truly things that have been relying on through thick and thin. I will attach the adjoining video but I also wanted to talk about each product in specifics here. I hope that's okay with you though...So let us get started!

After buying into the hype regarding these glosses I picked up two of them. I love 'Natural', it is the perfect nude lip gloss I have tried. I love the pigmentation and the formulation of it. It is not sticky or tacky, which you usually get with a drugstore lip gloss. I also love the price! I got mine for around $4-5 on Amazon which is a great steal for a high quality lipgloss. 

I cannot even describe the quality and goodness that this blush gives. The color is perfect for a woman of color such as myself. I have 5 La Femme blushes and they all have great pigmentation and are not chalky. This color Russet is a great shade for fall for any skin tonte. I am wearing this blush in the video, you can see the healthy, warm tone it gives my face. I recommend this blush to anyone and everyone! Did I mention that each of these blushes cost a mere $2.50?

I have been wearing less and less foundation lately, just enough to cover up discoloration. I use this brush to buff in that small amount of foundation all over my face and it does an excellent job. I initially wanted to purchase the Mac 130 brush but you and I both know, ain't nobody got time for paying $30 on ONE makeup brush. So, I bought this  for only $3 and I love it dearly. The next time I make an order at E.l.f I will get another one of these just to have an extra!

There's not much I can sit here and type about this fragrance besides...
1. I love Beyonce Giselle Knowles-Carter. 2. I love this perfume, the scent is mature, sexy, and inviting. It draws people to you and gives you that extra kick of confidence, without being to obnoxious. I think Beyonce, being all about empowering women, created this fragrance with that in mind. Also this fragrance comes in bigger sizes, the one I have is the smallest.

I use this oil to add moisture to my dry scalp and to the mid-shafts and ends of my hair. I like that it gives a healthy sheen and adds moisture without weighing my hair down. I have used this as a hot oil treatment and it gave my hair a great sheen and added strength. I love this hair oil as it adds up to the more expensive types. 

I love the fun colors of these nail polishes, especially Skinny Jeans. It's exciting and fun. Green Machine is a great fall shade without being too boring. These polishes are $2 at E.l.f. and while they don't have the best staying power (to me being 7 days or more) are great for a fun boost to your look. I also love that they don't contain the harmful and cloying ingredients that most nail polishes do.

Have you tried any products here? What are your favorites?

-Mariam .x

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