BOE Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment Review

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

You all know I will try any deep conditioner, my favorite are Latin/Brazilian brands. I purchased the Crece Pelo Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment months ago and I am about to finish my jar. I wanted to give a detailed review of it just like the Silicon Mix and Kanechom Leite de Cabra. I purchased it after being intrigued with the claims. The product says it contains natural "phitoterapuetic" ingredients instead of synthetic materials to help grow hair. Let's see what I think of it after using it for a good while.

The formula is thick, but not too thick, creamy and has a nice clean scent. The jar is 16 ounces, and it cost around $10 on Amazon.

I use this after every shampoo. I apply it all over, concentrating on the ends, and then I cover my hair with a plastic cap and go under heat for a while. When I wash it out, my hair is sooooooo soft and full of slip. Despite the slip, the hair is not coated with a film or anything like that. When I proceed to roller sets or blowdrying, I notice less breakage and hair in the comb. That is extremely important to me as I notice a lot of shedding. That has significantly changed since using this. 

When my hair is dry, I notice a nice sheen and bounce. It doesn't remind me of the silicon mix though, if you're wondering. It seems to repair the hair from the inside but unlike a protein treatment that leaves my hair hard and crunchy. 

I recommend this if you have damaged hair that likes to shed, it will help out with repairing the hair and then promote growth since less hair is breaking. I will definitely repurchase this conditioner to keep in my hair stash! 

Here is a recent video of my hair after using it!

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  1. Hi, after reading this review, I thought I'd finally give Crece Pelo a chance and boy am I glad I did. It has done wonders for my curls. They pop and look so defined after using this treatment. I couldn't buy it from Amazon us because I live in the UK, but was able to buy it for cheap from a Dominican online store here -