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Sunday, January 19, 2014

Hey everyone! Today I'm going to share with you all my tips and tricks to healthy relaxed hair. Now while everyone wants long hair, for it to be healthy you need it to be healthy. I'm sure we all know that dry, damaged hair will never grow. Achieving even semi-healthy hair is a process, but here are products and methods I use to get your on the right track. 

Deep Conditioners

Avanti Silicon Mix || My number 1 choice in all the deep conditioning treatments (and I've had my share of them) is the Silicon Mix by Avanti. Produced in the Dominican Republic it is formulated for ethnic hair types. This conditioner adds so much life and moisture to your hair. I used to have visibly heat damaged hair especially my ends. After using this religiously for around 2 years, my hair looks and feels so much stronger. This product is raved about by many people with various hair types and it never disappoints. 
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Hair Oils 

Parnevu T-Tree Scalp Oil || When I got the chance to try this oil from Parnevu, I was really excited. As we continue to relax our hair the chemicals in the relaxer can strip  the scalp and cause it to dry out. I have extremely dry scalp when my hair has just been washed. I love to use this oil in my scalp to calm the itching sensation and soothe my scalp. Tea Tree is a great anti-fungal and anti-inflammatory treatment. You can't go wrong with treating your dry scalp with this amazing oil. 
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Doo Gro Mega Thick Growth Oil || This oil is great for hot oil treatments. It is important to add moisture to the hair with these treatments once in a while. I wouldn't recommend a hot oil treatment every week, or even every other week. This is something I do in the warmer months, maybe every month. I distribute this oil all through my hair, especially my ends, and cover with a plastic cap and then continue on with my day. I sit under a heating cap for some time during the day and then rise it out after it being in my hair for around 5 hours. Washing all the oil out (very thoroughly) I go to the salon and let them do the regular roller set. This oil gives my hair a healthy shine and helps mend split ends. 
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Leave-in Conditioners 

Macadamia Natural Oil Nourishing Leave-in Cream || Now while I haven't tried this leave-in myself, I have heard amazing things within the "Relaxed" community. This leave-in has Macadamia Oil in it and that helps to aid dry and dull hair. A leave-in can help moisturize the hair and minimize frizz after it has been washed. This specific leave in is formulated for more coarse hair types, so it works great on curly and textured as well. 
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Styling Glosses 

Razac Perfect for Perms Polishing Gloss || Now, if you have gotten your hair done at a Dominican Hair Salon or a Black Hair Salon, you have seen this in one form or another. This historic product is used after your hair has dried (or as a leave-in) to give a healthy scent and shine. It isn't heavy of oily which makes it perfect for applying to freshly washed hair. I use this every day in my hair to give that "healthy" look. I'm also obsessed with the scent that it has. 
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