EZ Flow TruGel Polish in 'Tiffany' Review + Swatches

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Today I will be sharing with you guys my favorite gel polish. Now if you did not know, I like to do my nails at home. I learned to do gel manicures at home because the salon charges too flipping much, $35 for a manicure? Come on now. So I garnered all the supplies needed to complete the task at home. I looked around for the best and cost effective gel brand out there, because if you don't really dig around, you will end up spending an arm and a leg on a gel kit. So I found the EZ Flow TruGel Polishes. These are really inexpensive, at around $7 a bottle on Amazon. EZ Flow isn't a really popular brand so I was skeptical. I at first bought the gel top coat and it worked really well on top of regular nail polish. So I recently ventured out and got a gel color and base coat. I applied and tested this system for 2 weeks, to see how it held up. Below are my results. 

I took pics at the start of every week to show the progress. The color I have on is called 'Tiffany'. A really beautiful Tiffany & Co. Blue. 

To make the long story short, the polish help up amazingly well. During the 2nd week, the polish started to chip. It lasted 1 and a half weeks without any chipping! The color also did not fade or tarnish. I really am happy that I found this gel system because it holds up really well, easy to apply, and comes in great colors. This also is extremely easy to remove: you soak it off with acetone for 5 minutes. Definitely try EZ Flow TruGels out!

Price: $6-$9 USD
Availability: Links below
     -Base Coat - HERE
     -Tiffany Color - HERE
     -Top Coat - HERE

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  1. great post! I need to get these!

  2. They're really great. I'm getting more shades and I'll be posting swatches, because I notice that they're aren't many online.
    Mariam Abdallah