E.l.f Studio Baked Highlighter in 'Blush Gems' Review + Swatches

Wednesday, April 09, 2014

E.l.f Cosmetics has added many new product to their line-up. One product being the Baked Highlighter from the Studio line. I for one have always wanted to try a baked highlighter like the Mac Mineralize Skin Finishes, but who's trying to spend $30 for one product? Not I. So I bought this one at $3 to try out and share with you guys. This product comes in 3 shades, Moonlight Pearls, Pink Diamonds and the one I have Blush Gems. So lets get into what I think of this highlighter. 

When you first get this highlighter the texture is rock solid. This is because it is a baked product. Literally baked. You have to rub off a bit of the top layer to get the real pigment of the product. You can see the slight color difference in the outer part and the center part in the pictures below. After you do this you reveal the rich sheen of this highlighter.

 The color is a really flattering champagne color. It looks great against my deep skin tone. I use it on the high points of my face and it gives a very natural glow, not too gaudy looking. This lasts on my face for the majority of my day. I've read online that this highlighter is a great dupe for the Mac MSF in 'Soft and Gentle'. So if you've been wanting to try the SF but are terrified  of the $30 price tag, 'Blush Gems' at $3 is the way to go. 
The packaging on this product gives me my reserves. It is housed in a plastic container that feels pretty cheap. The cover is a bit flimsy, and I'm soooo scared that it will fly right off. If this happens I will have to throw the whole product away. god forbid. Baked products have a tendency to be delicate so if you drop this product, it will most likely shatter. No one likes shattered makeup, especially one that is as pretty to look at as this one. 

Overall I love this highlighter. I think that it is a great product for the price. I love that this shade is universally flattering and will show up on all skin tones. The only thing I would improve is the packaging. Thank you again E.l.f for another great product! 

Price: $3 USD 

*purchased with my own money - some links contain affiliate links, read my disclaimer policy regarding this here*

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