LA Girl Pro Concealers Review | Toast & Dark Cocoa

Wednesday, January 07, 2015

If you haven't heard about these concealers, you live under a rock. Honestly, these LA Girl Pro Concealers have been taking social media by storm as inexpensive but high quality concealers. I picked up two shades out of about 20 shades. These retail for about $2.50 each on sites like Amazon, and Lady Moss. Swatches and such below! 
These come in a squeeze tube with a brush-tip applicator and a black cap. I have mixed feelings about the brush applicator. For one, it can become unsanitary and wasteful when product accumulates in it. The applicator for Dark Cocoa takes much squeezing on my part to get out a little product, which is annoying. Toast works perfectly for me, so I guess it's different for everyone. I apply the concealer onto my face and blend it out with my finger or brush/beauty blender.

-Texture / Longevity
I like the texture of these concealers. Not too runny and not too thick. I notice that once you apply these from the applicator,, you want to work quickly to blend them out because they set pretty fast. That is great for me because they last a good while on my face. One the concealer dries it dries to a matte finish.

-Shade / Color
I picked up the shades Toast and Dark Cocoa. I got Toast as a lighter-than-my-skin-tone shade to highlight under my eyes. Dark Cocoa is my perfect shade to use everywhere when covering blemishes. Most women my skin tone like the shade 'Fawn' under the eyes, but I found that shade to be too light for me. Toast is just right for me. To see these concealers in action, check out my "Glam Fall Makeup Tutorial" linked here.
Overall, I am very pleased with these concealers. I like that LA Girl created so many shades to match every skin tone. I wish the applicators were a bit better. I'm pleased with the texture and formula of the concealers as well. You can find these here.
"Have you tried the LA Girl Pro Concealers? Which shades?"
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