The Big Chop

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Many women and men with relaxed hair get tired of the responsibility that comes with it. They get tired if washing, trimming, conditioning, and all that. So they decide to get the BIG CHOP. if you don't know what that is it's is when a person with relaxed hair grows out their new growth and then chops off all of the relaxed hair and leaves the new growth to grow as natural hair. Personally I would never get the big chop. I think of it as, I spend a lot of time and money to get my hair the way i want it, and i really enjoy my long hair. I plan to cherish my hair as long as i can. Not that people who get the big chop don't cherish their hair, its just you spent so much time growing your hair and you just cut it. I like to keep my hair au natural (meaning no weaves, no braids, no tracks or things of those sort.) I think if you want to get the big chop go right ahead. If any of you who read this decide to get the big chop please message me, and comment on this post so i can see how it is working for you.

And P.S i Hope everyone is enjoying their Super Bowl Sunday!!!

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