Avanti Silicon Mix Proteina de Perla Review !

Friday, September 20, 2013

When I posted reviews on the previous versions of the Silcon Mix Deep Conditioner, I promised you all that I would try all 3 of them and review them. Well today is that day! I used and reviewed the Original Silicon Mix (review here) and the Silicon Mix Bambu (review here) and I had positive things to say. I intentionally didn't think I would find the Protein de Perla version around in local stores as easily, but my local beauty supply store started to carry the WHOLE Silicon Mix line (down to the shampoos!). So now that I have tried & tested the last installment to the line, I can truly compare it to the first two and share my review!

What makes this deep conditioner different from the previous two, is that this one is more formulated for damaged hair. It contains 'Pearl Extract' to repair the hair. Pearl Extract is a natural marine product that is known for rejuvenating and restoring properties.  In the picture below, you can read the ingredients. This conditioner also comes in different sizes. I bought the 8oz, because I wanted to try it out before buying a bigger jar. I got around 4 uses with this size. You can also purchase the 16 oz, 32oz, and 60oz sizes. 

The conditioner is a pale baby blue color, and just like the first two versions has an extremely viscous and thick formula. I love that because it coats my hair and makes it feel very rich. Some conditioners are like water and don't coat the hair very well. It has a scent like baby powder that leaves a clean smell to your hair.  

After using this a couple of times, I can honestly say that my hair has felt around 50% stronger. I leave it on my hair for about 5-10 minutes and my hair feels slick and smooth. A couple days later when I put my hair into a pony tail or a bun and feel how strong my hair is! It really added some protein to my hair and made it stronger than it was before. I also have a lot of hair breakage so when I sometimes combing out my hair, i do see shedding. But when I use this, I don't see much or even any shedding. 

I recommend this to anyone who have damaged, broken, dry weak hair because it gives an amazing boost of strength to the hair. I'm someone who has long, dark, and thick hair and this conditioner gives me a protein boost every time I use it! If you feel like this particular formula isn't for you, then check out my other reviews the the Silicon Mix deep conditioners because I swear by them and I highly recommend them!

Buy this Silicon Mix here - http://amzn.to/1gkpf4D
Silicon Mix Original review - HERE
Silicon Mix Bambu review - HERE

Watch my video review Silicon Mix here...

Have you tried the Silicon Mix Deep Conditioner?

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