E.l.f Cosmetics Small Stipple Brush Review !

Monday, September 09, 2013

A new brush has landed at E.l.f Cosmetics. A smaller version of their Stipple Brush. I purchased the new E.l.f Small Stipple Brush* because I have always wanted to try out a densely packed brush to cover the hard-to-reach areas on my face. This brush retails for $3 at E.l.f and is from their Studio Line. My makeup brush collection consists of all Studio Line brushes for face brushes and Essential Line brushes for eye brushes. I feel like the synthetic bristles are better for cream products and the natural hair bristles are best for powders. So lets gets into what I feel about this brush.

This brush isn't dense-to-the-max, but it is dense enough to buff liquid foundation into my skin. It does cover less of an area than a bigger headed brush, but it does get to the hard to reach areas on my face. I use this brush to apply my highlighter as well because it helps blend it into my skin better. In the pictures of this brush, you can see it is tinted pink because of the way I blend my blush and highlighter into my cheeks. 

This brush, just like the original Stipple Brush, is made from 100% Taklon (synthetic) bristles. The only difference is the bristles are almost half the size of the original. The bristles are amazingly soft and I haven't experienced any shedding. With the original brush, the bristles weren't as dense as expected. That brush is better for loose powders as it applies product quite lightly. This brush gives a more precise, airbrushed finish to the skin.

I think that this brush is an excellent addition to any brush collection. I can't say if it competes with any high-end brushes like the Mac 130 or 188 because I don't own them, but I can say that this brush is an amazing starter alternative for anyone starting out with makeup or just wants an affordable high quality brush.

Price: $3 
Availability: Here at the E.l.f Cosmetics website || (Use code SHIP25 for free shipping on orders over $25)

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