How to Remove Gel Nail Polish !

Sunday, September 15, 2013

Today I will be sharing with you, my methods on how I remove gel nail Polish. On my youtube channel, I have had a few successful gel manicure how-to videos, and I wanted to accompany them with how to remove the gel polish. Now the gel that I use on my nails, is a UV/Led activated gel and it is a soak-off gel. That means it can be easily removed with acetone. I use the EZ Flow TruGel Gel Top Coat. When I run out of acetone, I can file off my gel polish. In the video below I show you how I soak off and file off the polish. The filing method is great for gel polish that is not the soak off variety. I used my Nail Drill that I purchased on Amazon (link below) for filing, but a regular nail file can be used though it would take a much longer time. So I hope you all find the video helpful! All products that I used can be found below the video.

What I used...
Nail Soakers - HERE
Pure Acetone - HERE
Nail Drill - HERE

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