Favorite Summertime Fragrances

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Now that the warmer months are upon us, I wanted to share my favorite perfumes to wear during this time. I am not a big perfume person, but I like to have a few signature scents here and there. The fragrances shown below range from high end to lower end. I realize it is a bit hard to explain how a product smells by writing it, but hopefully you will find a fragrance that matches your personality and mood. 

Bvlgari 'Rose Essentielle' - purchase here

  • This one actually belongs to my sister. It has a very rosy scent that also smells powdery. It is a very mature fragrance, and I prefer to wear it minimally because it can come off overbearing. I suggest this to someone who is looking for a mature, floral fragrance. 
Prada 'Infusion D'Iris' - purchase here
  • This one is my second favorite of all of these. It is floral, but it is also woody, and citrusy. I don't know how they pack so many different notes into one bottle. I love that it is musky, fresh and clean all at the same time. 
Viktor & Rolf 'Flowerbomb' - purchase here
  • This fragrance has been really popular lately. I got it before all the hype started with it and I loved it. It is VERY floral and can be very overbearing at times. I like to spritz a teeny amount of it on my wrist and rub it onto my neck. If I were to spray it all over, I would be a walking garden. It is aptly named 'bomb'. It is way to much for me personally, but a lot of people seem to enjoy it. 

Beyonce 'Heat' - purchase here
  • Now y'all know, Beyonce is my queen. She started to make fragrances a few years ago and 'Heat' was her first one. I purchased this one around a year ago, and it has become my favorite scent. It is sexy, sensual, fruity, and musky. It is a very empowering fragrance, and is definitely a head turner. So many ask my what fragrance I'm wearing when I wear this. Celebrity fragrances usually smell tacky and cheap, but this one is different. You can tell a lot of effort and planning was put into this fragrance. 
Beyonce 'Heat Rush' - purchase here
  • Now 'Heat Rush' is the second fragrance released by the Queen. I have to say is a more playful spin on 'Heat'. This one is for summer with its tropical scent. I don't like it as much as I love Heat, because I fell like it isn't as sexy and subtle as 'Heat'. I even bought this one first and I still can't place it. I find that more people like this one over 'Heat' when I read reviews online. If you this that 'Heat' will be too serious and sensual for you, definitely try this one. 
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