Wantable.co May Makeup Box Review

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Hey all! Today I have a subscription box review for you. If you can remember, I featured Wantable.co on my blog last year when I reviewed their April makeup box. I was contacted again this year to do another box review and I was extremely excited. Wantable.co offers a monthly subscription box in Makeup, Jewelry/Accessories, and Intimates. I opted for the makeup box (of course). Each box contains 3-5 full sized products. So lets get into my thoughts on this months box. 

So when you order your box, you take a quiz. This quiz allows you to choose what you receive in the box. When you first open the box, you get a personalized experience. You get an invoice that lists your preferences and what you don't like. This invoice also has a bit of information on each product in the box. 

This is a crazy coincidence because in my Wantable box from last year, I received a Cailyn Eyeliner that I still use everyday! So I'm really excited to see another Cailyn product. This is a really pretty and moisturizing lip balm. Its a breathe of fresh air from the regular old chapstick. 

I have been searching for a body luminizer since the summer months have rolled along. I'm really happy with this one as it gives my skin an amazing glow. It doesn't transfer onto my clothes and can be used all over, even on the face. 

This eyeliner pen is amazing! The point is so precise and can be used to draw anything (as seen with my swiggly line, smiley face and heart). The other thing I don't like about this is that it came in blue. I don't wear blue eyeliner and would have loved this even more in black. 

I got a similar highlighter in my box from last year. This is a very glamorous but subtle highlighter for the high points of the face. I like that it is very fine, so it looks very flawless on the skin. 

Overall, I am extremely pleased with my Wantable box. I'm excited to use these products more. It's like they knew exactly what I wanted! If you think that you would like to subscribe to Wantable, it cost $36 a month or you can opt to buy a single box for $40 *prices are the same for all 3 box types*. That might seem steep but remember that you are getting 3-5 full sized products, that are high end. You can't beat that! 

Interested? Subscribe here - Wantable.co
*The products mentioned above were gifted for consideration for review. All my opinions are as always, honest.*
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