U-Spicy Makeup Brushes Review

Wednesday, November 05, 2014

Today I am bringing you all a brush set review. Almost a year ago I began working with the U-Spicy company in terms of their nail dryers and lamps. They have since came out with makeup brushes and asked me to review a set. I was so excited to receive, try out and share these with you! This set comes with 10 makeups brushes with a chic white handle and gold ferrule design. These are a spot on dupe for the Sigma Kabuki brushes. Each "big" brush has a matching brush but only "little", if you get my drift. I've had these for almost a month and a half so let's get into what my thought are. 

So as stated above, these brushes have a white wooden handle and gold ferrule. I love the design as it makes the brushes stand out from the other ones I own. Sadly to say, two of these brushes have separated where the handle meets the ferrule. It doesn't irritate me that much because I was not using those brushes that much anyway (but it was dissapointing). Other that that I have not seen any other hardware issues with these.

My favorite of these big brushes are the 'round' and 'angled'. I use the round to buff in my bb cream and it does an amazing job. I use the angles to buff in blush. I have found that using this brush for blush makes it look like the color is coming from inside my skin. The 'tapered' and 'flat angled' ones are those that broke. I liked to use the tapered for my highlighter, and could be great for those who use cream contour products. 

I love these smaller brushes because they have so many uses. I love the 'precision round' and 'precision flat angled' for applying cream eyeshadows. The 'precision tapered' one is great for cleaning up when I accidentally get lash glue on my eyelids. The smaller ones have shown me no hardware issues as well.

The bristles on these are synthetic fibers that are great for use with cream products. The bristles are soooo soft, and glide smoothly on the skin. When I received the brushes I washed them and I did not see any shedding. I have washed them again and still no shedding. 

I think that these brushes are a great addition to any makeup collection. I love how versatile each brush is because you can find many uses for one brush. I love the quality and design of the brushes as well!

You can purchase these gorgeous brushes here - http://amzn.to/1u9uQax

*The products mentioned above were gifted for consideration for review. My opinions are honest. You can read my disclaimer policy here *

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