Real Techniques Miracle Complexion Sponge Review

Thursday, August 13, 2015

 I have recently been looking for a good dupe for the Beauty Blender sponge, and came across this one by Real Techniques. The Miracle Complexion Sponge is the closet dupe to the $20+ Beauty Blender. I picked it, because of reviews stating that it had the same "spongey" texture as the BB and doubled in size when wet. I purchased the 2-pack on Amazon [linked here] for about $10. Let us see what I think of it.
The Miracle Complexion Sponge is an orange, oblong makeup sponge with various sides to it. It has a flat edge, a pointed tip and it's sides. I love the different sides, it adds real versatility to the sponge. A major selling point for me, is whether the sponge would increase in size once wet. I ran this one under running water for a few seconds and, once saturated, grew to almost 2x it's original size. While damp, it also became more spongey and soft.
 When using this with my foundation, I notice that it sheers down the application. I also find that it soaks up A LOT of product, meaning that you'll waste more product than you apply on your face. I do not have the original BB so I cannot say if it does the aforementioned things as well.
Overall, I like the sponge's size, and how it has a squishy texture on the skin. I like that it isn't so hard to clean as well. It doesn't stain even with my darker complected makeup products. I hate however, that it sheers down my application and soaks up product. I think that it is a great dupe for the BB though, the price is much better and the RT sponge has all the physical features that it has. I'll keep using it though, to apply powder & concelar under the eyes.
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