College Essentials

Wednesday, January 13, 2016

Now that my first semester of college is over, I took the time to curate a list of my favorite and most used items for school. I actually use each item listed below and I really do appreciate them. Enjoy!

1. Daily Planner - Bloom Daily Planners
99% of the time, your professor will give you a syllabus with all the important dates that you need to know on it. With about 4-5 classes per semester that can be pretty confusing. I have always used a planner in school but at the beginning of the semester I didn't have one, and I was so lost! I quickly ordered this one and I am in love!! It has pages for both monthly and weekly view, as well as for notes and more. The cover design is so stylish and sturdy!

2. Colored Pens/Markers - PaperMate Flair Felt-tip Colored Pens
As a visual learner, my notes have to have some color mixed-in for me to really grasp the material. I love colored pens for highlighting/illuminating/underlining important points. These my PaperMate are great because they behave like markers but don't bleed through loose-leaf paper! 

3. Carry-all Nylon Tote Bag - Asis Nylon Tote
Because I'm cheap, I found this 'knock-off' Longchamp Le Pliage Tote. I love it because it carries everything I need. The nylon material is SO sturdy and survives through a lot. I just wish it had feet at the bottom of it for when I put it on dirty classroom floors.

4. Laptop Sleeve - iBenzer Deluxe Laptop Sleeve
As a college student, you will be carrying your laptop with you almost everywhere. To protect my very pricey MacBook, I use a laptop sleeve. They can be pricey, but mine is amazing and inexpensive. It is padded with a very soft material inside and fits my 15inch MacBook snug. I got mine it this fun lime green color that is beautiful in person.

5. Reusable Water Bottle - Contigo Jackson Bottle
Walking around campus can be exhausting, so I try to increase my water intake during the day as keeping yourself hydrated can help you stay healthy and focused. I purchased this water bottle to fill everyday before my classes as I have a Brita Filter Pitcher in my dorm room fridge. It is easy to fill, drink from, and clean. I also love that the mouth is wide enough to add in ice cubes! It is also earth-friendly to re-fill a bottle rather than use plastic ones all the time. 

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