Product Review: Hask Placenta's Henna and Placenta's Conditioning Treatment

Monday, September 05, 2011

Hi everyone, I have a really great review for you. For about a month I've been using Henna and Placenta on my hair as a deep conditioning treatment. I buy it from a beauty supply store, and they come just like the picture shows. They are priced at $1 per pack. I've seen them at Wallgreens and CVS in a 6 pack for about $3. I've also seen it in a bottle for about $3. They have different types: Regular, Super Strength, and one with Olive Oil. 

Here's the process of which I use it. I go to my salon (the Dominican Salon) and I give the product to my stylist right before I sit for her to wash my hair. She applies shampoo to my hair TWICE. Then she puts it the Henna and Placenta into my hair, and I make sure that she applies it ALL OVER MY HAIR, because sometimes they rush and the product doesn't really incorporate into my hair. After that they pin up my hair with a butterfly clamp and put on a plastic cap over it. Then I get up from the shampoo bowl and I sit under a dryer or a steamer and the stylist puts the temperature to a high setting. I sit under the dryer for about 10 to 15 minutes. HINT: If you want the product to really get into your hair, you can tell your stylist to work on another persons hair until you need be, or you can just tell them that you want more time. Don't be afraid to tell them what you want, and expect from them; after all you're the one paying them. After you are finished with that you go back to the shampoo bowl and he or she rinses out the product. Then they use the normal conditioner on the hair, and then use a wide-tooth comb to make sure all the product has gotten into the hair. They rinse out the product and then they do whatever else.

Before I started to use this my hair was extremely damaged, and dry. I now use this every time I wash my hair and my hair has REALLY improved. It has improved greatly with the damage and split ends. My sister and I both use it, and my mother has noticed the difference with our hair. I really do recommend this to anyone who has damaged, dry hair. It really does help with those things. Please go get this product if you are so inclined, it really isn't expensive or hard to find. Thanks guys, and bye for now :)

Henna and Placenta 8 fl oz
Henna and Placenta with Olive Oil

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