Gel Manicure with Normal Nail Polish Tutorial !

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hi everyone! Today I come to you with a nail tutorial. I recently purchased a uv gel lamp and a uv gel top coat. I gave my self a gel manicure using my new items and I was so pleased, I decides to show you all the process. Now I decided to use a UV gel top coat over regular nail polish for 2 reasons. One reason being the price of a gel manicure is ridiculous. I've seen kits starting from $30. I am not ready to shell out that much money for 3 bottles of nail polish. The next reason is the UV exposure that comes with a full gel manicure. When you use a gel base coat, polish, and top coat you have to go under the uv multiple times for more than 3 minutes at a time. I am a bit iffy about using the uv light for more than 4 minutes on each hand in fear of uv exposure, which could lead to skin cancer. So I hope that this tutorial is helpful to you any of you who want the quality of a gel mani, without the hassle!

What I used...
  • Nicka K Base Coat - HERE
  • Sinful Colors Polish in ' Island Coral' - HERE
  • EZ Flow Gel Top Coat - HERE
  • Salon Edge 36 Watt UV Lamp - HERE

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