Making Sure You Are On Track With Your Major

Friday, May 13, 2016

So I wanted to do this post to add to my college series because I think it can be extremely helpful. As an emerging sophomore in college I am realizing just how fast this experience is flashing by. Next thing, it will be senior year and I will be applying for jobs. But for now I want to make it my #1 priority that I am on track will my major requirements.

At most colleges, certain courses are only offered in either the fall or spring. Therefore, it is essential to plan out the classes you need to take each semester until you graduate. My major Broadcast Journalism, has a crazy amount of elective credits required to graduate and its important I don't get confused when registering. Below I am sharing my method of major requirement organization. It is really simple especially when you get to customizing it.

I use Google Sheets to create a spreadsheet that lists my major requirements, electives, minor requirements and general education requirements. I have columns for the class number, name/description, credit amount, semester available and semester I've taken it.

The first thing you want to do is write down all of your major requirements. These are courses required only for your major, do not include electives, minor reqs., or gen-eds in this section.

After that, go ahead and create other sections for your electives, minor reqs., and gen-eds.

Color coding is KEY! When you have so many classes with rows and columns, color coding is really helpful. Listing classes in the order of completion is helpful too.

TIP: Most departments have a suggested course schedule, that maps out classes from freshman year to senior year. Look out for that because its extremely helpful.


This is another spreadsheet I've created to help plan out when to take certain classes. I found out from my schools course catalog when each class is offered and mapped it out. This one is also color coded, light blue for semesters completed and cream for classes registered for the coming semester.

This is an easy way to guide you through future semesters. It helps extremely to be organized throughout college. No one wants to be in their senior year stressing about that 100-level class they never took!

Happy organizing!

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