Nicka K Jumbo Eyeliner Pen Review

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Nicka K is a cosmetics brand based in New York City, that makes products for sale in beauty supply stores. Now I am born and raised in NYC and have been going to my local beauty supply shop since I could spell makeup. I always bought Nicka K makeup, like their lipsticks, and especially their nail polishes as they were only $1 and some change. Now Nicka K has brought out a new line called the 'HQ Line'. The line includes products such as BB Creams, Eyeshadow bases and this Jumbo Eyeliner Pen. I recieved this in my November Cocotique Box (review here) and I'm excited to share my thoughts on this beauty shop buy! 

This eyeliner has a felt tip pen style applicator. This is my favorite type of eyeliner as it is easy to apply and always ensures perfect winged liner. The only color this eyeliner comes in at the moment is black. It is a deep inky black that is hard to smudge and lasts all day. I think that if you are someone with runny eyes or you like to rub your eyes much it might smudge but besides that it is very long-lasting.
The only downside to this type of eyeliner is that the felt tip can get damaged over time with use and not be as pointy as it was when first used. You can see below in the swatches that the pen can create finer or thicker strokes depending on your preference. 
I love this pen eyeliner as is makes applying a winged line to my eyes a BREEZE! I think that it is inexpensive enough to replace when the tip gets damaged. I also love that I can find it at my local beauty shop!

Price: $5.99
Availability: Nicka K Website 

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