Beauty Blender Dupe Review + Tutorial

Saturday, February 08, 2014

If you have been reading my blog and watching my videos for a while, you would know that I love to get a good bargain. I HATE paying full price for anything. My friends and family also call me the 'Amazon Queen' because I can find anything on for way less than originally priced. My latest purchase from Amazon were these Faux Beauty Blender sponges. If you aren't too privy with what a Beauty Blender is, a Beauty Blender is a makeup sponge known by makeup users for its ability to give foundation, concealer, and powder a flawless/airbrushed look. It really does work, but $19.95 for one sponge? Not I. So I bought these for $2.99 on amazon, and I mean $2.99 for all 4 sponges! You get 4 different colors (white, pink, blue and lavender) and 2 different shapes (tear drop and hourglass). 
Watch my tutorial below to see how to use them and what I think of them.

They have a springy (but firm) texture, like most makeup sponges. To use the sponge, you soak it in water and then squeeze the excess out. The sponge is to be damp when using it, stippling (dabbing) it around the face to blend in the foundation or bb cream. The pointed edge is for harder to reach areas on the face like to nose and under eyes. The more rounded edge is best for the rest of the face. 

As I don't own an actual Beauty Blender, I can't fully compare it to these sponges. But I can say that these sponges are a great alternative. They give my bb cream a great finish, that is not attainable with a brush. I give these sponges a definite thumbs up. 

Price: $2.99
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