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Wednesday, August 20, 2014

While not everyone wants long hair, everyone wants healthy hair. The lives we live takes so much out of our bodies, including our hair. That said, it is really important to give the hair what it needs to be healthy. Deep conditioning our hair can help drastically improve our follicles. So today I am going to share methods in which you can deep condition and my favorite products to do so.

So if you are new to this process, you need to find a conditioner that is ideal for your hair. I use a deep conditioner in my hair while at the hair salon. I think it is best to apply it all over the hair and to sit under a hooded dryer or steam machine. (This is an amazing article explaining why heat helps the deep condition process. linked here.) The collage below has a few that are great for individual hair needs. 
The ORS Hair Mayonnaise is a protein treatment. If you continually use it, you should use a moisturizing conditioner like the Kanechom Leite de Cabre to balance it out. Using the ORS continually can make your hair straw-like because of all the added protein. Another great one for adding life back to dead-looking hair is the Silicon Mix by Avanti. I love this for giving my hair a really healthy and full of life look. 

You can also deep condition with oils. I have started to do my own oil treatments at home. I always mention that I go to the hair salon for a full Dominican wash and set (if you don't know what a wash and set is, this is an amazing video showing it, linked here.) ever other week. So the week that I don't wash my hair, I shampoo my hair and do the oil treatment. I usually leave the oils in my hair until the next wash and set. 
Jamaican Black Castor Oil is a cult favorite that works wonders. It stimulates hair growth and helps reverse thinning. I am loving Sweet Almond Oil because of its amazing ingredients. It contains Omega-3 and Vitamin E to nourish the hair with what it needs to be healthy. (I also use this on my face at night for a boost of brightness!)

Here are some of what I currently use to deep condition:
  • Silicon Mix Bambu Deep Conditioner helps moisturize and add life back to my hair. I use this every other week at the hair salon. It is applied all over my hair after shampooing and I sit under a dryer for 15 minutes. 
  • Now Foods Sweet Almond Oil is something that I use when I do my hot oil treatments at home. I mix it with the oil below and apply it all over my damp hair. I leave this on overnight and it is washed out when I go to the salon. 
  • Jamaican Black Castor Oil is the oil I mix with the Almond Oil. It is used to stimulate hair growth and I've seen people get amazing hair growth results with it. 

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