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Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Many of you have probably heard of these new skin care masks that are taking the world by storm. These GlamGlow masks come in about 5 different formulas to target a number of skin issues. The price of each is $69. Yes, for one tiny jar. You all already know my reservations about spending that type of money on one item. So I looked on Amazon for some samples. I got the most popular of the masks, the Super-Mud Clearing Mask. After trying it, would I purchase the full size? Read on below. 

So on a Sunday evening, I cleansed my face as usual and applied this mask. Upon opening it, you smell the licorice/mint type scent. The mask is charcoal like in color and has a semi-gritty texture. It has little chunks of stuff in it. So I spread it all over my face (the tiny packet was enough for my whole face), and after around 10 seconds it started to dry and change color. It had an intense tingle that went away when I fanned my face. It changed into a light grey shade. So I left it on my face for around 25 minutes. 
(beware of the disgusting pics)

You can see the oil and dirt being pulled out of my pores! 
During the 25 minutes the mask dried completely (it was hilarious when I had to laugh, I looked like a crazy person!). I know that I usually have disgusting blackheads and pores on my nose so I made sure to observe that area. I could see the pore-matrix formula bring out all the gunk from my pores. I removed it with a wet washcloth and my skin was amazingly soft. After applying my moisturizer my skin was glowing, GLOWING! 

I love this mask, but I still cannot see myself shelling out $70 for it. I think I will continue to purchase the sample packets as I got 3 for $7 (I'll leave the link below) I would like to do this once a week because it is a bit intense. I recommend anyone trying this mask, it really works.  

Where I purchased the masks - HERE

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