Kanechom Leite de Cabra Deep Conditioner Review

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

You all know I love to deep condition my hair, they always end up in positive results for my hair. In reviewing all the Silicon Mix conditioners (see review here) I was suggested this Leite de Cabra by the Brazilian brand Kanechom. I was very excited to try as it had so many amazing reviews. So what do I think of this product? Does it compare to silicon mix? Is it my new favorite? Read on below!

So to answer my questions above, YES. It compares to Silicon Mix and it has become a new favorite. This contains "Leite de Cabra", which means goats milk in Portuguese. The mask contains an amino acid complex (protein) to help restore damaged hair. It also adds moisture back into the hair follicles. Its best for dry and lifeless hair.

I use it after shampooing, I like to apply it on and leave it for 20 minutes under a dryer. When rinsed out my hair is as smooth as silk and after it is dry is feels strong and healthy. If I had to pick one thing that this product does for my hair, it has to be that it moisturizes. My hair without any product or deep conditioning treatment is dry and looks dull. I cannot get over how smooth my hair is wet and after when it is dry! My hair looks shiny and healthy for days after I use this. If you want something that will repair damaged hair and add moisture, this is the product. 

 We also need to talk about how big the jar is! You get 1000g or 35 oz for around $15-20! That is almost 3 times bigger than most products on the market. I purchased this in April and it just finished last week, after using it every other week. A little goes a long way so the jar will last you a while. It has a thick but smooth texture, which I love because I like to feel the product coating my hair. Unlike some that have the consistency of water. It also has a fresh, clean scent that is not strong like the Silicon Mix. 

Overall I love this conditioner. It has matched up to the Silicon Mix and has become a favorite. If you didn't know, Kanechom makes deep conditioners in almost 15 different varieties (or flavors, as I like to say). I will be trying out their most popular varieties the Argan version and the Shea Butter version so please stay on the lookout for those reviews. God, look how long this post has become. I didn't want to make it this long! Long story short, get this conditioner-you will not be sorry. 

You can purchase it here as it is hard to find being a Brazilian product http://amzn.to/1kg74pR

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