Interesting findings at Pay/Half !!

Friday, April 06, 2012

Hi guys, today I stopped by "Pay-Half". I was browsing around the store and found the beauty/makeup section. I was surprised to find E.L.F Cosmetics in the store! So I was browsing, and looking around and noticed some surprising before I start to talk about that, let me talk about the products they had.

E.l.f nail polish sets, eyeshadow sets, and more!!
E.l.f eyelid primers, mascaras, shimmer sticks...
So I saw a whole bucket thingy full of the E.l.f Beauty Eye Books, another with eyelid primer, another with brush sets, eyelash curlers, mineral eyeshadow can say it was all over the place. I looked even deeper into the products and I saw that some of the products were cracked, destroyed, and torn apart. (shown below in picture) I know that they weren't going to be in perfect shape but it looked like the store associates weren't even trying to make the products look appealing to the consumer.

I also picked some stuff up (stuff I was looking into buying in the future). I looked at the prices and was shocked. I saw products that I know retail for $1 priced for $1.25 and the ones for $3 up for $3.25. Now I know I don't work for e.l.f, but why the prices were boosted I don't know. I took pictures of two products and their price tags. Also the store put another barcode and price over the regular barcode, just so they can overprice them.
Makeup Remover Cleansing Wipes, and The "Glitter Eye" Beauty Book (The wipes actually had a pretty sturdy and built feel to them)
The wipes (to the left) are priced at $3, but were boosted to $3.99 || The eyeshadow book (to the right) is priced at $5 (or 3  books for $10 on occasion) is boosted to $5.99

I can see the pay-half needs their commission, but at the same time. If I go to Kmart and Target and find E.L.F Cosmetics for the normal price stated online, I should find it in pay-half. Also, these "boosted prices might not be really expensive, but if you are a person that has tried e.l.f because of their amazing low prices, and great quality products; these price boosts can be annoying and surprising when you usually pay $1, $3, or $5.

In this bucket, was their mineral products.
It was driving me crazy to take pictures so I found a way to discreetly take them. :)

Buy One, Get One Free!

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