Sinful Colors : "Coral" Swatch and Review"

Monday, April 02, 2012

Hey guys, remember my Mini Beauty Haul Post?? I said that I was going to put up swatches and pictures of the nails polish that I purchased. So today I'm going to show you the color "Coral" on my nails and my thoughts on the nail polish.

 So these are all of the things that I used for my nails. I did the whole Sha-bang!! (lol i always wanted to use that) Any way here's step by step what I did...

1st Step: Apply Base Coat #1 Since I recently had acrylic nails on my natural nails aren't that strong. They're more brittle and thin, so I make sure that I apply two coats of a good base coat, so that they can get back to normal. I'm using Revlon's StrongWear with Calcium.
2nd Step: Apply Base Coat #2 I apply a second base coat, most likely a gel that is targeted to help brittle and weak nails. This is Nicka K's Calcium Gel Nail Treatment. I just apply this on top of the Revlon base coat.

3rd Step: Apply 1st coat of color Now is when I apply my first coat of the nail color. I always apply more than 1 coat because one coat isn't enough for the color to be vibrant enough. (if that makes sense) So you can see that it almost looks transparent. 

4th Step: Apply final coat of color Now I have applied the second and last coat, it looks more opaque. (I always clean the edges, don't worry) i also apply a top coat, which is the Nicka K Fast Drying Top Coat. (you can see that pictured above.)

  I like this nail polish. For a dollar is is good quality but it is a little runny, that's why my edged look a bit messy. Also, the color didn't really withstand a week. I noticed it being scratched easily, even with base and top coats. Overall i like the color, but the quality could be better.  
 You can purchase Nicka K products here
  • There nail polishes are really nice, and are super cheap!!

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