E.l.f Cream Eyeshadow Review

Saturday, April 28, 2012

I hope everyone is enjoying their week so far. I'm going to start the new e.l.f product reviews today so I can get all of them out to you asap. I have so much to say about all these new products so I'm starting today. This is a review on the E.l.f Cream Eyeshadow.

See my video review here on YouTube: (sorry for it being not in focus, my camera didn't focus)

 Packaging:  The eyeshadow comes in a a sturdy-plastic jar, that has a strong cap. One thing noticeable about this product is the size. The jar is bigger than the e.l.f matte eyeshadows, which come in a similar jar. The amount of product in the jar is really amazing for only $3. It is jammed packed with product, and will most likely last you a long time. Some haul's and reviews of this cream eyeshadow that I'd seen was that this product can come dried out, or hard. My jar of product was moist, and pliable. But I guess it depends on your own special preference. You have to make sure to tighten the top on the jar really well, because it can lead to drying out the cream eyeshadow.

 Color/Pigmentation: I got this cream eyeshadow in the color "Bronzed". I got this because I heard about using it as a base for your eyeshadow. It was priced at $3, amazingly inexpensive for something of this quality. The color is a a mixture of brown and gold, and it is just what the name says "Bronzed" In the picture below you can see what it looks like on my finger. It's actually quite pigmented when you apply it.

Quality: I have gotten questions on whether this product creases or not. My answer can be a little weird because I only use this as a base. I don't use it on it's own, but I could if I wanted to. But when I use this under my eyeshadow, it makes it last longer, and stand out more. I for one have oily eyelids, so my eye makeup doesn't really last all day, but this makes it last a little longer and adhere to my lids more.

Overall, I think this cream eyeshadow is well worth the $3 you pay for it. I think that it could be a product that I use everyday for all types of makeup looks. I didn't really find any negatives with this product, so I think it's pretty good. I hope to purchase more colors at another time.

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