Wet n' Wild Color Icon Eyeshadow Trio in 'Silent Treatment' Review + Sawtches

Monday, August 27, 2012

Follow my blog with Bloglovin Hey everyone, I hope all is well! Today I come to you with a review. Wet n' Wild is a cosmetics brand that I've just know started to experiment with. I've tried quite a few things from them, and I'm really impressed. I think Wet n' Wild's amazingly affordable prices and great quality products are a great sign for anyone to try out their stuff. Their Color Icon Trio palettes are eyeshadow palettes that come with 3 shades. One for the Eyelid, the Crease, and the Brow bone. Perfect for someone who has recently started off with makeup and want to create that simple smokey eye look. At around $2.99 each, they are definitely a steal.

Packaging: The eyeshadow palette seems secure in it's plastic casing. They make a lot of different shades for this particular palette, so it';s nice that they have a clear lid so you can see each one clearly. Along with the eye shadows, the palette comes with two little applicators (one sponge & one tiny brush).

Color/Pigmentation: The eyeshadows give off a pretty "safe" wash of color. If I want to have a bold show up of color with these shades I have to really pack on the shadows. This palettes colors also come up a bit chalky. Especially the brow bone shade, with is common for most light/matte eyeshadows. The crease color comes up well and is really bold. To me the most annoying shade is the eyelid shade. It comes up plain, and unappealing when applied to my eyes.

Quality: I think that this palette was well thought up. It was an amazing idea to have 3 different eyeshadows in one palette with designated to each part of the eye. Great for people who are just starting out with makeup, but the shadows themselves just come off pretty short when it comes to pigmentation. The eyeshadows are chalky, and not really "easy" to apply.

Overall, I think that the idea for this palette was great, but these colors just aren't working well enough. Maybe the other shades in this palette collection have better color payoff, but this one just falls short.

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