Wet n' Wild MegaGlo Illuminating Powder Review

Friday, August 17, 2012

Hi ladies! I really hope everyone is doing well, because today I have a new review to share with all of you. I recently picked up some Wet n' Wild makeup products. I have read some good reviews on some of their products so I went to Rite-Aid to pick some up. Out of all the things I bought I got their MegaGlo Illuminating Powder. It comes in 4 different shades, and I got it in the shade "Starlight Bronze". This powder retails for $3.99 and you can find it here from Drugstore.com.

Packaging: This powder comes in an 'aluminum' like tin that has a clear top so you can see the shade without opening it. You screw off the lid to reveal the powder. The only thing that can get annoying about the screw top is sometimes when you want to screw it closed, you have to try more than once.

Color/Pigmentation: The color payoff that you get from this powder is really amazing for a drugstore powder. It gives off a really nice bronzed/shimmery glow. The glitters in it are a bit chunky so you have to apply this with a light hand. This can be used for many things, such as a highlighter (what I use it for), an bronzer (for lighter-skinned people), an all over body shimmer, and much more depending on your creativity! The swatches below are of the product when I swiped my finger over it ONCE!

This is all the colors mixed together
This is of each color in the powder.
Quality: This powder has an amazing texture to it. It has a buttery smooth feel to it. When I apply this powder it glides nicely on my face. I use a Synthetic Duo-Fiber brush to apply it so it goes on lightly. The glitters aren't such a big issue if you apply the powder lightly. If you pack on too much, the glitters seem very annoying on the skin. Other that that, the powder lasts all day, and gives off an amazing glow.

I think this powder is amazing for anyone who wants a bronzed/glow to their skin. I know many dark-skinned people, who complain that they can't use the highlighters that the "big' brands sell because they aren't formulated for dark skin. I think this can really get the job done! I can proudly say that I found something that would look amazing of any skin tone, and flatter anyone!

See my video review here...

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