Creme of Nature's Amazing "Straight from Eden" Relaxer Kit

Saturday, September 26, 2015

A while back, Creme of Nature sent over some products from their newest line. The Straight from Eden collection is a new relaxer system from Creme of Nature that features a more natural and pure way to relax hair. It is infused with Coconut, Olive and Avocado oils and the un-activated straightening cream has no lye, mineral oil, petrolatum, sulfates, parabens, and formaldehyde. This system reduces breakage versus traditional no-lye relaxers. I usually relax my hair with the Just for Me Texture Softener which is a texturized, and had great results. I was sent the "Type-B" kit for coarse and thick hair. 

I don't relax my hair at home, I go to a salon. I didn't take before photos regretfully but I have clips and photos of the after below. Before using this relaxer, I had texturized hair. I decided to use this relaxer and go fully relaxed for other reasons. So I took this relaxer to my stylist and she was surprised. Firstly, the box was completely different than any other relaxer kit on the market. Very chic box with glam graphics. 

Inside the box:

I then took out the kit contents and she began to mix together steps A-C. Firstly adding in the activator to the relaxer cream and then adding in the creme booster. Mixing it together it had a very creamy and not a very strong chemical smell. She then sectioned my hair and began applying it to my new growth. By the time she finished with one section, it was already rapidly straightening my hair. It was very different from my texturized experience. Washing it out went well, the shampoo smelled great and my hair was washed really clean. I used the deep conditioner provided and mixed it in with my regular conditioner.

When my hair was dry and then styled, my roots were layed!! My roots played flat and sleek, which I love. I didn't apply the relaxer all the way down the hair shafts so I still had my amazing texture. It did not completely straighten the hair and leave it dead and flat, my hair still had great body and movement! My stylist loved the relaxer enough to ask me where to find it! I love it, it is a system that I think will work great for women who are tired of chemical smells and burning sensations. If you are going to try it, I suggest you pick the formula that is correct for your hair type. Type A for fine hair and Type B for thick/coarse hair.

Being that it is a bit hard to find in stores, here's a link to it on Amazon:

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  1. Beautiful results! Did you experience any dryness after the relaxer?

    KLP @

    1. Thank you! I didn't really experience any noticeable dryness. I usually have a pretty dry scalp anyway. I also used a moisturizing conditioner after shampooing the relaxer out. Hope that helps!
      -Mariam .x