E.l.f Studio Blush in "Pink Passion" Review + Swatches

Friday, July 13, 2012

Hi my lovely ladies! I'm happy that I've been having the time to put up post after post here and on YouTube. Thanks so much for your support! Today I have another blush review for you. This blush is from none other than E.l.f Cosmetics and was $3 off their Studio line. I got this blush in order to add a bright color to my collection, as most of my previous blushes were neutral colors that never showed up on my skin :( So here's my review and swatches on the E.l.f Studio Blush in "Pink Passion".

Packaging: I think E.l.f does a really good job with the studio blush packaging. It's a sleek black design that has a chic feel to it. I like that the cover has a "window" so that you can see the blush color without opening it. Many people compare this blush packaging to the Nars blush packaging. They are amazingly similar, the bottom half of the case, where the blush pan sits in, is identical. The only different is that this blush mirror is cut of to allow the lid "window". The Nars blush has a full mirror. The mirror on this is actually a good size.

Quality: This blush has a smooth feel, but does feel overly chalky. Looking at it, it seems silky...but it isn't! If you look at the picture below the blush looks gritty. That happened after I put my brush in it for the first time!  So I really don't think E.l.f put much effort into the formulation of the blush. Most matte-finish blushes are overly chalky. I guess this one couldn't make it out...

Color/Pigmentation: This blush, while looking at it is a really bright, in-your face looking blush. When I apply this blush to my cheeks it comes off really chalky and ashy looking. I expected it to give me a fun, bright flush of color. I have to apply a teeny-tiny bit of it to my face unless I want to look like a clown :) It comes off really ashy, on me personally. I think this would be good on really fair-skinned people.

Even on my hand, it looks chalky! 
Overall, I wouldn't but this blush again for two reasons...

  1. Because of the evidence above!
  2. I reach for this blush once in a blue moon and I don't see it "hitting-pan" any time soon or in the next year or so :)

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