Brand Spotlight : Sigma Beauty

Saturday, July 07, 2012

Hey everyone, Happy 4th of July Weekend! I hope everyone is doing well. Today I'm going to talk a little about a company that I've always found interesting. Sigma Beauty is a beauty brand that sells mostly high-quality makeup brushes that are amazingly cheap! They also sell Eyeshadow palettes.

 I'm always watching youtube beauty gurus, and most of them use these Sigma brushes. Of all of the amazing gurus on YouTube, BeautybyJJ and MakeupbyC
amila are my favorite.

The amazing BeautyByJJ, (Here's her YouTube Chanel) use these brushes in their makeup tutorials. She was feautured by Sigma and they interviewed her on thier blog See the interview here. She uses mostly Sigma brushes in her tutorials and always does amazing tutorials.

 I also follow Camila Coelho, (she's Portuguese and does absolutely AMAZING makeup tutorials) Camila's Blog and Her YouTube Chanel She is the Sigma Beauty Official Ambassasdor in Brazil. She does most of her tutorials with Sigma brushes and is highly sucessful at sharing about Sigma!

Here's my Sigma Beauty Wishlist!!

I want to purchase this set because of the amazing colors, and also because the bristles are 100% Synthetic.   

This set is my ultimate favorite, it has 12 of Sigma's best brushes and comes in 4 different colors. I want this blue set because it's my favorite color and would definitely pop in my collection! 

This is one of the newer Sigma brush sets. These brushes are amazingly popular and  give amazing results. The Flat Top Kabuki (F80) is probably the most famous because of it's ability to apply liquid foundation with amazing results. 
This brush is used by Camila often. She uses it to apply blush and her highlighter, and even bronzer. I think this would be great for all over face makeup. Plus it has a cool design :)
One of the most important brushed needed to create that flawless smokey eye, is the blending brush. Blending is crucial and has to be done with a good brush. I've seen this brush everywhere and I really want to get it. 

I need something to hold my brushes up-side down when they need to dry so this would be  great to have.

                                           SOURCE: Stock photos from the website 

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