E.l.f Powder Brush Review

Monday, July 30, 2012

Hey everyone, today I'm doing a much anticipated review. This brush from E.L.F Cosmetics has been in the spotlight for some time now, so I decided to pick it up and try it out. I got it here on the e.l.f website for $3.

Lets jump right in! The bristles in this brush are 100% Synthetic Taklon Bristles. Brushes that are Synthetic have a better time applying cream/liquid products. It is also really soft, not scratchy or itchy. I also above not seen much shedding when I wash or use this brush, nor have I seen the bristles bleed when I wash the brush. Feeling just the bristles alone will tell you that it is a good and sturdy brush.

The flat-top design and the densely packed bristles make this brush great for applying liquid foundation. It is also good for applying powder almost the same way as a powder puff would. I love the way the bristles glide across the face while applying product to it.

The brush is amazingly cheap but everything about it seems otherwise. Many people compare this brush to the Sigma 180 Flat-Top Kabuki because of it's identical design and similar application method, I haven't tried that brush yet so I can't compare. But it seems like that brush at $16 can definately have the e.l.f powder brush as a dupe!

Overall I absolutely love this brush and I would recommend it to ANYONE! It's great for blending in foundation, applying powder. It's amazingly versatile and it's well put together. I give e.l.f an A+ for this brush.

Look at this amazing deal from E.l.f!

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