E.l.f Studio Single Eyeshadows Review + Swatches !

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Today I am sharing with you all two of my favorite eyeshadows. They both are by E.l.f Cosmetics, a brand that is no stranger to my blog! I purchased these eyeshadows a while back in hopes of scoring some great single eyeshadows from E.l.f's Studio Line. I purchased 2 shades, 2 completely different shades to be exact. I got one that is a deep brown & red mixture and another that is an orange rose-gold shade. These eyeshadows were $3 each, so there wasn't any qualms about wasting my money. Lets get down to what I think about them!

These eyeshadows come in a study plastic container VERY similar to Nars makeup. The lid has a mirror that covers half of it, and the other half is a clear window so that you can see which shadow is inside.

The first color I'm going to feature is called Sunset. This is eyeshadow, at first glance, is an orange shade. I got it because I needed a nice subtle pop of color to add to my collection. When I received this product and used it for the first time, I saw that is was a really cool multi-faceted color. It appeared to be just orange, but it was also a pink! I guess I should of figured from the name being "Sunset" 

This shadow holds up for about 7 hours with a primer. I think that is a long enough period of time for it to be on my lids, so I can't complain about that. I do find that the texture of this is really silky, and that it is best to be applied with a natural haired brush.
This shadow produces some chalky fallout, but not really too much. 


The next shade is called Raspberry Truffle. This eyeshadow has to be my favorite from E.l.f! The color is a deep burgundy/brown with specks of red glitter. I use this shade as a lid color at times, and a crease color. I also feel that it would be a great color on any skin tone.

The formula of this eyeshadow is very buttery much like Sunset. It gives a good color payoff and stays on for a long period of time when used with a primer. Somedays I don't like to reach for a primer ( yea, I get lazy) and I use this with out it. I find that it creases after a while, meaning that the natural oils that are produced by my eyelids mix in with the eyeshadow. This happens with Sunset as well.

What else can I say, I absolutely love these eyeshadows! I plan to purchase more in the future, maybe their matte shades? These eyshadows are well worth the great price!

Availability : Here at the E.l.f Website for $3 each.
*Use code SHIP25 for Free Shipping on orders over $25 !*

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