Nail Polish Swatches !

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Hello everyone! Today I come to you to share some great nail polish swatches.
I came in contact with in terms of working together through my blog. I thought it as a great opportunity for me and their site. I looked through their site and came across a wide selection of nail polishes (and fashion accesories). I saw brands such as KleanColor, Nabi, and Santee. KleanColor is a brand that I am familiar with, as I own several polishes by them. KleanColor nail polishes are also sold in my local beauty supply store but most colors are sold out. I thought it was great that they have them on this site.


68 Pink Star

97 Love Affair

46 Sweet Orange


18 Dark Beige

100 Cinnamon

114 Jumbo Lavender Glitter

The great thing about MyWholesaleFashion is that all of the nail polishes that they sell are offered at "wholesale prices". Which means that they are WAY cheaper that when they are sold in outlet stores and such. I personally love the whole concept of selling them way cheaper! 

I will continue to go back to their site for all of my Nail Polish needs!  

Price: KleanColor polishes, $3 Nabi polishes, $3

*The products mentioned above were gifted for consideration for review. All my opinions are honest.*

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